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Castle Age Guild Battle

Main window

  • The knuckles! The horrible knuckles! – physical basics
  • Salt of the earth – hard, square and bad for your health
  • Feegle tactics – But ye gotta know where ye’re just gonna rush in and with what. Ye cannae just rush in anywhere. It looks bad, havin’ to rush oout again straight awa’.
  • Guild strategies – It is a long-cherished tradition among a certain type of military thinker that huge casualties are the main thing. If they are on the other side then this is a valuable bonus.

The knuckles! The horrible knuckles!

Read about the basics in advance.

Pick a character in the Guild Battle character class submenu under the Management tab.

When entering a Guild Battle, your character will be placed in the North, West, East or South gate. Each gate can be viewed from your Guild perspective or that of the enemy Guild.


Salt of the earth

If you have at least 1 health when you win a duel, you deal 17 – 18 damage. If you have no health (you are stunned) when you win a duel, you only deal 8 – 9 damage. Meaning that with ten tokens, and perfect health starting out you can do 170 damage to the health of enemy players. But for each duel you also take 7-9 damage.

If, like me, you never spent any skill points on health except for the points received doing demi quests you started out with around 140 health. After having used your first ten tokens, you are now in fair or weakened health state. With a bit of luck there is at least one Cleric stationed in your Guild tower, and every time he or she wins a duel, your health is increased by one. Maybe you can do just a few more duels with the token drip every six minutes.

Most of us chose Warrior, or didn’t know where to set up their class before the battle, and defaulted to Warrior. There was a Cleric in my Tower that was active. And a high level Mage that did 1 damage to all enemies in a Tower where she battled.

We did win, but the last part of my first Guild Battle I watched my tokens going up, while feeling powerless due to having below 20 health. Weakened, but not dead. Lying there in the North Tower, severely wounded watching me mates do battle in the West and East Towers.

Feegle tactics

To prevent my brain from writing cheques that my body can’t cash, I can up my health. And I can buy resistance from the Guild Shop:

Guild Shop
feegleA strong character with Resistance level 4 will be tough to bring down, even when in Odin’s Frenzy or in Holmgang with the initial ten tokens.

I played Warrior in this battle, and I got 10+ attack and 10+ defense for each duel I won, but so did my opponents. If that is cumulative, the Warrior Class in a battle begs a tactic going from dueling with lower level players (not too low, or else you hardly get battle points for a duel) before attacking the top players in a tower. I am not sure that the 10+ attack and defense is cumulative yet. If it’s not, the Warrior bonuses (and Class) are absolute nonsense for Guild Battles.

Guild strategies

Enemy Tower by Enemy Tower with all Guild members, and more Clerics, that’s for sure.

I can easily imagine strategies where we have a Tower with only Clerics. Unbeatable I think, as long as the Guilds we battle have similar level players.

Or Towers with half Clerics, and the other half Mages and/or Warriors. The latter would be useful if we play against Guilds that have many higher level players. Then the Warriors can work their way up the list becoming more powerful with each duel, and have their health maintained by the Clerics.

My 2 cents

In short, Guild battles require some organising as we “go up” and our enemies get stronger. We will need a short reconnaisance what the enemy has and a report of that in the Guild Battle Log, so we can pick our classes to win before the rest of us enter.

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