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Drafting Game

If Not You, Who Else? ~ Terry Pratchett, in “Only You Can Save Mankind”

Human Nature

Stability can be achieved by taking Human Nature into account. By “Human Nature” I really mean Four Legged Patterns of action/reaction. Failure to do so can be, and usually is, disastrous. And it can be automated, as it seems to happen automatically anyway.

Most Social Schemes will use some kind of drafting. Some kind of attractor. Like the Agile Manifesto. One form or another of intimidation or incentive is essential to the success of attraction.

You can’t engage individually with each and every one person that is attracted, so to secure people for your game, you can use some of the usual Western habitual family and peer programming …


Extreme Paranoia Silent Weapons

Silent weapons are not common knowledge, where we all know that we all know. In fact, only a few know. And most that do know, do not reveal it because they are either dependent on its favors or profit directly from it.

Or, if they do reveal its existence, become quite the foreign element running risks of …

Extreme Paranoia Cash Control


Image by PhilFoto.CA via Flickr

One of the games we design, organise and facilitate roleplaying sessions of/for is Extreme Paranoia.

The games are set in Alpha Complex, an immense and futuristic domed or underground city controlled by The Computer. The Computer runs everything within Alpha Complex. The Computer sees everything within Alpha Complex ~ at least, that’s what It would like you to believe. Everybody within Alpha Complex works for The Computer, serves The Computer, protects The Computer and if need be, dies for The Computer. The Computer has made happiness mandatory. Failure to be happy is punishable by execution.

In that context, I have just had a brilliant idea …

Extreme Paranoia Mindset


Image by katiew via Flickr

Conspiracy theories

The paranoid notion of a conspiracy as responsible for all social ills is characteristic of extreme right-wing ideologies (Note: that does not mean there aren’t any conspiracies. Just because they can call me paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not after me).

In a paranoid state …