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Castle Age Bahamut ~ The Simple Guide

What have you done?!?
“Yesssssssss!!!! I have escaped my prison in the Underworld! That fool Mephistophelesssss sssserved some purpose after all!”

Bahamut has roughly 120 million health. Alpha Bahamut has roughly 600 million health.

Attacking in roles

The Bahamut is slain in different groups of roles. Depending on your role, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue or Mage, that you have chosen when entering the battle, you can bash, smite, stab and launch magic bolts at Bahamut. Each role group has a specific task at 3-8 hour intervals. Class focus changes randomly during the course of battle, after each open window expires.

Warriors and Clerics

It is the task of the Warriors and Clerics to strengthen and heal party health. These roles require lots of energy.

Depending on how much health your party has, you will see the following messages after every one of your primary attacks:

  • If your party has between 0 and 10% health: “The Warriors are unable to hold back the might of Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon causing some of your party to retreat.
  • Between 10 and 33% health: “The Mages are having difficulty recovering mana to cast their spells, reducing the damage output for the party.
  • Between 33 and 55% health: “The Clerics are frantically trying to heal the injured party members, reducing the effectiveness of the party” or “The ground is scorched from Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon’s fiery breath, making it harder for you to attack.
  • Between 55 and 78% health: “The Warriors distract Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon, while the Rogues sneak up from behind resulting in additional damage.
  • Between 78 and 100% health: “The Mages and Clerics casts Magic Bolt and Smite in unison resulting in extra damage” or “The group coordinates a well executed attack plan allowing the party to deal massive damage to Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon” in the higher percentages.

Effects are simple, the lower your party health is, the less damage you do to Bahamut per attack, and the more damage you do to your own party. That makes it extremely important to not have any blind slayers just hacking away at Bahamut in your party.

Mages and Rogues

Rogues and Mages are requested at intervals to cripple the Bahamut and to deflect his attacks. These roles require less energy than Warrior or Cleric.

In both cases this requires filling up a status bar within a limited time.

If the status bar is already full for the current class function, attacks will have no effect and simply return zero [0] effect. If the bar is not filled within the time span given, Bahamut will either heal himself or hurt party health with Lava Breath.


Tier Bahamut Alpha Bahamut
levels 150+
levels 100-149
levels 50-99
levels 1-49
20 people
30 people
30 people
30 people
60 people
30 people
30 people
30 people

The activity of each tier is measured in activity bars:

Activity bars


Volcanic KnightPer role you can earn skill points but likely you will need several (Alpha) Bahamuts to gain enough experience in each role to get those points.

Not a problem, because likely you will want to do so anyway to get all the ingredients for creating Volcanic Knights and ingredients for creating Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon (Crystals) in Alchemy to join your army.

Depending on tier activity (see above), there is a chance to receive one of each crystal each time you slay a Volcanic Dragon. Chances are increased when other players of different level ranges participate more.


Rare Chance Drops Epic Chance Drops
Lavareign Axe
Inferno Shield
Burning Blade
Blazerune Ring
Blazerune Necklace
Hellkite Minion
Hellslayer Knight
Volcanic Helm
Hellforge Gauntlets
Hellforge Plate


Crystal Drops Legendary Chance Drops (Only Alpha Bahamut)
Volcanic Topaz
Ruby Topaz
Emerald Topaz
Sapphire Topaz
Alpha Emerald Sea Serpent
Alpha Sapphire Sea Serpent
Alpha Amethyst Sea Serpent
Alpha Ancient Sea Serpent
Alpha Bahamut Artifact.



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