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Protector Paladins Cooking Dinner

XXX 12 March at 16:02

I was so thankful for your information about Bots and Auto attacks.. it was only a few hours later I realized I am being targetted by one of those BOTS my self…
I dont care who uses those programs its not for me to Judge anyone…
I am on the recieving end of those attacks I am really wanting more Information on how I can defend my self against someone like that who wont allow me to join their army .. and is attacking me “BECAUSE SHE CAN” … 30+ times going on 4th Day . then I get this inbox from her …

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Castle Age SWARM renewal

We don’t have enough time and players to slay all the criticals“, “Why do others not CTA?“, “Favor Farts and Taggers are wasting my time, energy, and stamina“, “Yet another attack link sender“, “Irresponsible Summoner!

The great movements of life’s experience are cyclic in nature. The Great Cosmic Serpent bites its own tail. The lessons that our souls need to learn come in cycles. And the same lesson presents itself in similar forms until we “get it”. It will not go away until we do. The SWARM recapitulated, “got it” and is renewing.

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Castle Age Warriors, Soldiers and Knights


There’s more to it than just keeping your army, weapons, items, stats, and bot settings in shape. Through all the slaying, raiding, returning favors, the hard work, and the pain of losing, we can’t forget that the mind is something that is trained as well.

The most important weapon you will ever have in battle whether in a game or in a real street fight is a strong mind. A strong mind determines how well you can act under pressure, in certain situations, and conditions. What intelligent responses you find when circumstances change, or when you discover the map is not the terf. A strong mind …
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Spies, damn spies, and leadership

On world 9 on the Dutch servers my entire tribe went through the christmas-and-new-years-attack-stop period – in that period you cannot attack any villages. If you do your troops come home absolutely shit-faced, with mistletoe branches in their hair and a biiiig smile on their faces, because they merely went for a visit, and it’s party time! – knowing we would attack one of our allies 10 days after the break. We were all building troops like crazy, and developing a sound attack plan.

In that case our allies had given us enough reason, harboring a fugitive we were attacking. Of course, any reason would have been enough, because the goal of the Tribal Wars game is to dominate the entire world we’re playing in. All tribes discuss matters and investigate “What if … we would noble our allies?” at some point in time.

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