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Castle Age Serial Killer Robot Mind

Most serial killers use a bot. If it is not a script attached to their browser, it is a script attached to their minds. We have found several cases of major serial killers ~ attacking players 15+ times, multiple days in a row.

Bots cannot be fought fairly, and when messages asking “why?” are replied with “Because I can”, and the CA game is simply not buffed enough (yet), we can toughen up and get creative in “cheating” too! If only to expand our range of experienced emotions and learn about the part played by botted minds.

My stoicism worked for me, but does not work for a protector role. Clearly. We are developing “fight dirty” strategies. One set of strategies involve the social domain, and for serial killers we can add a bot strategy. I am transforming one account for the purpose, and will attack (click image to enlarge)

I will stop attacking a specific serial killer when I receive word from their victim(s) he or she has stopped or adjusted their bot. This gives their former victims that have felt powerless, some of their power back.

And we support “victims” in enlarging their armies, improving their gear and adjusting their stats.

This is just about returning favors. Our reply to their “because I can”: “Yes, you can, and we can too.” May the effects of your behavior come back to you and may you learn that you cannot. There is always someone stronger than you returning the favor at some point in time. At minimum, the bot catches serial killers each time their health goes above 10, hopefully before they can attack our members.

In effect, this also means that the account I am transforming is “polluted”, has become a “petty tyrant”. And albeit only in order to fight “petty tyrants”, I will stop playing CA with this account at level 299. And I am setting up another account to take over that role if the game is not better buffed by then. Meaning that even tho there is always someone stronger than my account too, I don’t care. I have no attachment to it. Stoic, and always finding new creative ways.

And since I am a firm believer of everybody making (and being response-able for) their own choices, here is how you can do it for yourself:

Installation of the bot

In Firefox

  • Get greasemonkey (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748) If the download doesn’t work, in Firefox go to Tools -> addons -> type greasemonkey in searchbox -> install it
  • Go to the CAAP website, register, and click the install link in the top of the left navigation bar. That link does not become visible until you register.
  • Go back to castle age, and reload
  • A box appears on the right hand side.

In Chrome

  • Go to extensions – no need for greasemonkey
  • Search for “Castle Age”
  • The autoplayer comes up on the webpage. Click to install.
  • Go back to castle age, and reload
  • A box appears on the right hand side.

Or (for Chrome)

  • Go to the CAAP website, register, and click the install link in the top of the left navigation bar, just under the link for Mozilla. The link does not become visible until you register.

Configure script for battling serial killers

  • Click in the script. It stops it. Up top you will find a link to restart it, and a checkbox to stop the autorun.
  • Set your Generals
  • Set the Bank Immediately checkbox. In case you loose, it doesn’t cost too much.
  • Set Monster Battle and Quest to Never
  • Set Battle When to Stamina Available or At X stamina to be able to make your settings. When you do, more settings appear.
  • If you chose At X stamina, fill in a number in the form field below it. Set Battle Type to either Invade or Duel. Use your strength. Best is to get 501+, your weapons in order, and set it to invade.
  • Set Battle Points Won to 15 for example – This is the number of battle points won to initiate a chain attack. These serial killers are all high in rank, but we are not sure what their stats are, so this is for safety, so that we do not play into their stats by chaining losses on our side (Specify 0 to always chain attack. Leave blank to disable.)
  • Set the Target Type to Userid List – This setting will select a battle target to attack from the supplied list of User IDs. Get your ID’s from the serial attacker lists we are maintaining.



I did test some of the other functions as well. The auto gifting and auto elite can get stuck. Haven’t tried fill army yet, because that may be detectable by facebook. Anyways, I do not want to get too botted and I am not intending to play support/patch for any “hang” or “loop” you get yourself in that is not related to our purpose for using this script.

If one of the serial killers on your list of user ID‘s proves to be too strong and he turns the tables on you …

Just Hide!

Adjust your Health Control to Heal If Below 10 health But Not If Below 25 stamina –  the script will not heal you until after you reach 25 stamina

AND set Battle When to Not Hiding – this setting uses stamina to try to keep you under 10 health so you cannot be attacked, while making sure no stamina is wasted.

… and share the attack and stats info of your opponent with (stronger) others so someone else can pick up on that user ID, remove the ID from your list, and fire up the bot again. Stay in “Hiding” for a while, until the new attackers have caused him to focus on them. Of course, he (or she) still might put you in his list and come after you  … so best to maintain your army, weapons, items, stats, bot settings, and mind, in an impeccable state.


16 responses to “Castle Age Serial Killer Robot Mind

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  2. Jackson 22/03/2010 at 16:33

    Is there a bot script that can use multiple facebook accounts to activate seige weapons? (1 click per account).

    I’m having a hard time asking everybody to click on my battle to start the weapon?

  3. Nynke Etk Fokma 24/03/2010 at 11:18

    Jackson, not that I know of. But you can join a group? Peeps in groups click on each other’s assist link. Several types of groups exist: http://www.castleageforums.com/cforum/forumdisplay.php?f=14

  4. Tara 15/05/2010 at 14:59

    I have someone that is attacking me repeatedly every day or two. Would I be able to get help with it?

  5. Nynke Etk Fokma 18/05/2010 at 23:04

    Tara, sorry for the late response. Find my Wah Kahn profile on facebook and contact me there. We will see what we can do, okay?

  6. erakin99 31/07/2010 at 05:56

    Hey….. could someone help me out??? Does the autoplayer work even if we are offline? if not, how do i do the autoplay thing when i’m not logged on? Now that Arena has begun, i desperately need it ( seriously can’t take the thrashing ).

  7. Nynke Etk Fokma 05/08/2010 at 10:46

    No, it doesn’t work when you are off-line, or you need to find a fully remotely hosted version.

    This autoplayer is (partially) remotely hosted on github for Firefox, BUT you need to be online and logged in to the server. The script does that for you (as long as there are no sudden server changes on github, which happens on occasion).

    The chrome version is less dependent on github, by the way.

  8. Linda 01/09/2010 at 12:15

    I have like these 4 pple that repeatedly attack me everyday, its SOO annoying. Does this help me prevent them from attacking ?

  9. Nynke Etk Fokma 02/09/2010 at 09:57


    You can use the autoplayer script to remain in hiding. How long, for how many days, have they been attacking you? Have you been attacking back?

    If you attack back, you keep appearing on their battle page (Homepage) as having attacked them ~ with a link to your CA profile page that has invade and duel buttons …

    If you have not attacked back, and if they are this persistent, their battle page moves quickly, and you should be “out of view” in a day or so. With people that get attacked back rarely, like barons, it may take a couple of days.

    It is also possible that they have bookmarked your profile page … and that suggests there is some kind of “history”?

    Sometimes it is enough to just send a message asking someone to stop attacking you, that sends them in a frenzie, as they fear being a victim and hate anything that suggests anything like that exists in their universe.

    So even if there is a “history”, that doesn’t make you “guilty” or “inferior”.

    If something like this has happened I recommend using the script above to keep your account “in hiding” for a while until their frenzie is over. They have a problem, and it must be made theirs.

    Using the script for going “in hiding” does mean you have to keep your health low by attacking others. Luckily you can make the settings in the bot such that you do not attack lower level players, or attack one player more than n times.

    You do not have to become the “petty tyrants” you go “in hiding” for.

    Does this help?

  10. julie 27/09/2010 at 03:51

    Thank you so much. I didn’t understand what was going on but knew it had to be programmed to attack me.

    I now just threaten to do the same thing to them, and they generally back off.

  11. Au 31/01/2011 at 18:08

    I have daily attacker, he attacks me every day during last 2 month. I can’t attack him because he has 501 army, a tons of shitty – but still some kind of weapons, and he obviously put everything on att / defense, while I had to put a lot in stamina since I want to fight monsters. What should I do?
    He never has active Monsters, so I can’t send him a message that way.
    (it worked to back of some other guy, but not this one!)
    his profile http://apps.facebook.com/castle_age/keep.php?casuser=100001880601726
    Quests completed 2456
    Battles/Wars Won 5790
    Battles/Wars Lost 35
    Times eliminated 0
    Times you eliminated an enemy 65
    So, not that he attacks & steals money on weaker players, but he tries to KILL them.

    And he is on level 111 only!!!!

  12. Nynke Etk Fokma 12/02/2011 at 23:36

    Au, what’s your profile link? We need to get you a 501 army fast, that’s for starters. I’ll contact you on facebook once I have your link.

  13. MoonChild 15/04/2011 at 11:34

    Your opponent is ALWAYS dead or too weak to battle.

    level 209 King
    Not more than 30 Army
    Invade should win Always… Have Fun ! :))

  14. Jeff 03/06/2011 at 14:42

    This chump has hit me 100 times just today , saw he was hitting me yesterday also.

    Hamlet Raga

  15. WahKahn 16/06/2011 at 17:57

    Sorry for the late response, but I no longer play Castle Age. Sorry. I’ve approved yer post (albeit late) so that others can be warned about this player. Good luck in the game dear, and enjoy.

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