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Timeless way of building a Social City

Book Timeless Way of BuildingChristopher Alexander’s Timeless Way of Building was first published in 1979, and is IMHO one of the most important treatises in the discourse on ecology and sustainability in architecture. It has had a huge influence on creative thinking, especially in the areas of architecture and software design. Alexander introduced the concept of the “quality without a name“, and argues that we should seek to include this nameless quality.

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Castle Age Ragnarok Party

SMALL TEAMS WITH EXTREME CHARACTER GROWTH AND FEDERATION STYLE STRUCTURE of such teams attract farting of all kinds: Favor farting, tagging, back to back summoning, and attack link senders.

What do these farting ways seem to have in common? Do you really believe you know how this story ends?

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Castle Age Elite Guard ~ The Simple Guide

Wendy responded enthusiastically to the Generals article, and mentioned Elite Guard was also a puzzle. Depending on what you have involved your self with, you need them or you don’t. Elite Guard only affects your questing, some Boss fights, and Sea serpent battles.

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Castle Age Serial Killer Robot Mind

Most serial killers use a bot. If it is not a script attached to their browser, it is a script attached to their minds. We have found several cases of major serial killers ~ attacking players 15+ times, multiple days in a row.

Bots cannot be fought fairly, and when messages asking “why?” are replied with “Because I can”, and the CA game is simply not buffed enough (yet), we can toughen up and get creative in “cheating” too! If only to expand our range of experienced emotions and learn about the part played by botted minds.

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Castle Age Protection Spells

The interactions between MMORPG players are real, even if the environments are virtual. Sherry Turkle found that many people have expanded their emotional range by exploring the many different roles (including gender identities) that MMORPGs allow a person to explore.

And since MMORPGs have so many elements in common, and those elements are experienced by so many people, a common culture of MMORPGs has developed which exists in addition to the culture present within any given game: the games must be balanced in order to be fair to all players.

The Protector Paladins of the SWARM are now busy with a Castle Age case where this seems NOT the case …

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