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Castle Age SWARM renewal

We don’t have enough time and players to slay all the criticals“, “Why do others not CTA?“, “Favor Farts and Taggers are wasting my time, energy, and stamina“, “Yet another attack link sender“, “Irresponsible Summoner!

The great movements of life’s experience are cyclic in nature. The Great Cosmic Serpent bites its own tail. The lessons that our souls need to learn come in cycles. And the same lesson presents itself in similar forms until we “get it”. It will not go away until we do. The SWARM recapitulated, “got it” and is renewing.

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Castle Age Elite Guard ~ The Simple Guide

Wendy responded enthusiastically to the Generals article, and mentioned Elite Guard was also a puzzle. Depending on what you have involved your self with, you need them or you don’t. Elite Guard only affects your questing, some Boss fights, and Sea serpent battles.

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Castle Age Warriors, Soldiers and Knights


There’s more to it than just keeping your army, weapons, items, stats, and bot settings in shape. Through all the slaying, raiding, returning favors, the hard work, and the pain of losing, we can’t forget that the mind is something that is trained as well.

The most important weapon you will ever have in battle whether in a game or in a real street fight is a strong mind. A strong mind determines how well you can act under pressure, in certain situations, and conditions. What intelligent responses you find when circumstances change, or when you discover the map is not the terf. A strong mind …
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Castle Age auto player ~ Removing battle targets

Okay, so now I have discovered that when I remove a UserID, and restart the bot, it still attacks the removed target. Testing, testing! Apparently, chain targets make some deep connections in a bot (or botted mind’s eye). It takes fiddling with the configuration of your (Firefox) browser to undo. Go to your browser configuration …

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Castle Age Serial Killer Robot Mind

Most serial killers use a bot. If it is not a script attached to their browser, it is a script attached to their minds. We have found several cases of major serial killers ~ attacking players 15+ times, multiple days in a row.

Bots cannot be fought fairly, and when messages asking “why?” are replied with “Because I can”, and the CA game is simply not buffed enough (yet), we can toughen up and get creative in “cheating” too! If only to expand our range of experienced emotions and learn about the part played by botted minds.

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