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What are roads in Social Cities made of?

Roads are flat and made of materials based on rocks or crude oil waste and gravel.

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Protector Paladins Cooking Dinner

XXX 12 March at 16:02

I was so thankful for your information about Bots and Auto attacks.. it was only a few hours later I realized I am being targetted by one of those BOTS my self…
I dont care who uses those programs its not for me to Judge anyone…
I am on the recieving end of those attacks I am really wanting more Information on how I can defend my self against someone like that who wont allow me to join their army .. and is attacking me “BECAUSE SHE CAN” … 30+ times going on 4th Day . then I get this inbox from her …

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Castle Age auto player ~ Removing battle targets

Okay, so now I have discovered that when I remove a UserID, and restart the bot, it still attacks the removed target. Testing, testing! Apparently, chain targets make some deep connections in a bot (or botted mind’s eye). It takes fiddling with the configuration of your (Firefox) browser to undo. Go to your browser configuration …

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Castle Age Serial Killer Robot Mind

Most serial killers use a bot. If it is not a script attached to their browser, it is a script attached to their minds. We have found several cases of major serial killers ~ attacking players 15+ times, multiple days in a row.

Bots cannot be fought fairly, and when messages asking “why?” are replied with “Because I can”, and the CA game is simply not buffed enough (yet), we can toughen up and get creative in “cheating” too! If only to expand our range of experienced emotions and learn about the part played by botted minds.

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Castle Age Protection Spells

The interactions between MMORPG players are real, even if the environments are virtual. Sherry Turkle found that many people have expanded their emotional range by exploring the many different roles (including gender identities) that MMORPGs allow a person to explore.

And since MMORPGs have so many elements in common, and those elements are experienced by so many people, a common culture of MMORPGs has developed which exists in addition to the culture present within any given game: the games must be balanced in order to be fair to all players.

The Protector Paladins of the SWARM are now busy with a Castle Age case where this seems NOT the case …

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