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Drafting Game

If Not You, Who Else? ~ Terry Pratchett, in “Only You Can Save Mankind”

Human Nature

Stability can be achieved by taking Human Nature into account. By “Human Nature” I really mean Four Legged Patterns of action/reaction. Failure to do so can be, and usually is, disastrous. And it can be automated, as it seems to happen automatically anyway.

Most Social Schemes will use some kind of drafting. Some kind of attractor. Like the Agile Manifesto. One form or another of intimidation or incentive is essential to the success of attraction.

You can’t engage individually with each and every one person that is attracted, so to secure people for your Paranoia roleplay game, you can use some of the usual Western habitual family and peer programming.

We can use Virginia Satir’s floormap (click to enlarge) and explore the 6P’s for further investigation of our own attraction, our own habitual family programming, and our weaknesses and strengths. The below is some common generalisation made for in Extreme Paranoia Cash Control roleplay sessions. Enjoy your drafting!


Often men are trained to believe that women demand security more than logical, principled or honorable behavior. Western men plan their whole life around this belief and invest heavily in building associated self-image, “personal” opinions and self-esteem, believing that this will get them tender company and pussy.


In the battle between logic and imagination, imagination wins. Maternal instinct often dominates. The notion of just having produced a cheap source of new slave labor is too hard to see (No problem. Try some Ritalin! Or play a “save the world” game).
Mind you, the irate power of women must never be underestimated. In particular, watch out for logical, principled, honorable women that chose not to walk the baby production path.

Younger generations

With the above as role models, the next generation comes well prepared for a next round. With the emotional peer pressure for self-preservation of youngsters and …
… a message to young men like

No sacrifice, no friends; No glory, no pussy” (pretending performance)

… a message to young women

With this Social Scheme you can continue your consumption and provide for the children!” (pretending to solve real problems)

We can turn drafting men and women into perpetuating the pain and pleasure SM game designed by the ALPHA COMPLEX into a mere below sixth grade level schoolyard exercise.





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