WahKahn in (MMO)RPG worlds

Roleplaying! As if the world weren't full of enough history without inventing more …

It has come to be …

… that yesterday, a dear lady I am so happy to have met, Sabine Kurjo McNeill, forwarded a link that utterly delighted me! Finally, and sadly. Sadly, because a worst case scenario appears to be real. Finally, because it is at least revealed. That is a relief. Many of us have felt instinctively something was wrong, and more than what was let on, and through a mist of distractions thrown at us through the media (that are under “their” control, of course).

But did we all have words to express it? And if we had words, did the alpha complex admit it?

Don’t think …

… this is a “far from my bed” show if you are not a US citizen. The US dollar is probably your nation’s anchor currency too, so this “coming out” and its effects on the US economy has a direct effect on our economies.

In short, all linked nations might fall like domino stones when this huge economic bubble collapses. And that is earthly context. It would be congruent to keep context in mind. Even if it is not in our power to change it, what is in our power, is how we cope with it. That’s what this session is for. And when we cope, we no longer need to ignore any scenario unfolding. We can treat this bubble bursting Extreme Paranoia Cash Control session as a gateway ceremony for replacing reactiveness with responsiveness.

Devastating short term coping ways

  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs
  • Focusing on entertainment
  • Any religiously held beliefs, especially related to Mammon, may be devastating.
  • Other methods of escaping from reality, like roleplaying?

Effective long term coping ways

  • Learn real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history. Think for your self. Be the master of your own choices. And only those.
  • Take enough time to think things through. Don’t let anybody rush you. Don’t set others or yourself dead lines. Real death will come soon enough.
  • Maybe there are more silent weapons to come. This end game may not be over yet. 😉
  • Learn about problems and find your own creative solutions. Do NOT give away your power to any person projecting authority and in particular those giving you both problems as well as the solutions to the same problems. That’s a sure sign of someone asking you to give your power to dream away, to them.
  • Do focus on social issues with people you trust. We are in this together. Free thinking and creativity are very important, especially now.
  • Implement some scenario planning for risk/threat management. It gives peace of mind to be prepared for the worst.

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