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Extreme Paranoia Cash Control


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One of the games we design, organise and facilitate roleplaying sessions of/for is Extreme Paranoia.

The games are set in Alpha Complex, an immense and futuristic domed or underground city controlled by The Computer. The Computer runs everything within Alpha Complex. The Computer sees everything within Alpha Complex ~ at least, that’s what It would like you to believe. Everybody within Alpha Complex works for The Computer, serves The Computer, protects The Computer and if need be, dies for The Computer. The Computer has made happiness mandatory. Failure to be happy is punishable by execution.

In that context, I have just had a brilliant idea (if I may say so myself) for setting up an extreme paranoia roleplaying session on what seems to be happening both globally as well as locally in the monetary system.

Monetary system of the Alpha Complex

A country debases its currency, raises taxes beyond a certain level and makes regulations too onerous — and productive people naturally react by getting their capital, and then themselves, out. But the government can’t have that, so it puts on cash and capital controls.

This pattern is not new. The Romans were already on to that game. We might as well steal some patterns from “How Excessive Government Killed Ancient Rome” for detailed variable setup of instances of the game, and a banking system as mentioned in the The Earth and 5% story.

Setting up local areas and roles

To make it even more interesting we can set up three local areas with specific separated roles.

“The few who can understand the System (Cheque Money and Credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class. While on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical (hostile, hurtful) to their interests.” ~ Rothschild Bros of London to a New York firm of bankers on 25 June 1863

  1. Information area: planning, design, guidance, management, science, communication, politics, production of ideas, ideologies, religions, art, etc.: the collective brain and nerve-system of the Machine ~ will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class and area, except for one or two players that are instructed to attempt to install making money with automated trading and empowering people in the other two areas by making micro-payments into their accounts, or by setting up their own bank with another type of money, or …
  2. Production area: industrial and agricultural production of goods, execution of plans, fragmented work, circulation of energy ~ starting to “get it” and trying out some opting-out tactics.
  3. Reproduction: production and maintenance of workers for all three functions, making children, education, housework, services, entertainment, sex, recreation, medical care, etc. ~ experiencing despair and slavery without chains, and with nowhere to go.
  4. And we’ll also need enforcement and enforcer roles, perhaps along the lines of the S.3081 – Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 (click on the View Bill Overview up top right).

Possible/creative local strategies and tactics

You can come as prepared as possible. And may by all means, you be inspired by what seems to be happening IRL with regard to the monetary system.

United Kingdom

United States


More resources elsewhere?

You know of any? Or has apathy settled in already everywhere? Let me know!!! 🙂

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