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Castle Age Ragnarok Party

SMALL TEAMS WITH EXTREME CHARACTER GROWTH AND FEDERATION STYLE STRUCTURE of such teams attract farting of all kinds: Favor farting, tagging, back to back summoning, and attack link senders.

What do these farting ways seem to have in common? Do you really believe you know how this story ends?

Farting profile

Farts are domineering and manipulative. Petty, vindictive and self-centered; rarely pleased; and usually insecure. In short, the worst cases are sociopaths.

Greatest weaknesses

  • Only seeing the details required for character growth, missing many details that they hate to be bothered with.
  • Rebelling against others’ rules and laws and digging in heels rather than changing their point of view.  Even when they say they will not argue with you, their next sentence will.
  • Will sacrifice all for their own survival.
  • The power behind leadership is awfully attractive because it increases their own (selfish gene) survivability significantly.
  • Dealing with emotions is distasteful.
  • Apologising is extremely difficult.

Throw a Party!

Farts will not easily learn that they cannot create a world at the expense of others, not even when it is virtual. Alchemy and disciplined action would do it, but that’s those nasty details they do not wish to be bothered with. What may work is to help them lighten up and not take themselves so seriously, until they realise that most of their struggle is of their own design, and not real.

And that’s what we are doing at the moment. An attack link sender, revealing himself as fart, has sent attack links instead of assist links (nasty details), thereby not giving choices to others to join or not (more nasty details), and trapping them in his monster battle (do the details ever stop?) which pisses these trapped peeps off tremendously and they respond with a sit-in and party time? (stop bothering me!)

Several allied groups are all playing the culprit in a mirror dance and tagging in Jason’s Ice Ragnarok Party (You need to be logged in in facebook and have allowed Castle Age, to follow this link). We have taken all important slaying spots and are chatting away in the chatlog of his Ice Elemental battle. Virtually we have brought cookies, coffee, beer, salt snacks, … you name it. It’s a GREAT PARTY!!!

Click image to enlarge.

Farts can be motivated by showing them how what they will learn enhances their character growth and hence their survivability.

Click image to enlarge.

Energy Dancers

And what if they do make the leap? Well, they become those leaders that shine when we really need them. They step in relaxation, and see both the overview and the details. And once farts get there:

  • They pick excellent leaders to lead with them.
  • Have a hilarious yet subtle sense of humor.
  • Are great storytellers! 🙂

I am waiting for Jason, to make that leap, and join us with some hilarious comments, showing what an excellent leader he really is. Shine Jason! Show these peeps at your party how wrong they are about you!

Update March 23: End of Party

Only if an organism (or organisation) becomes intelligent enough to understand its own interests, as distinct from those of its genes, can there be true conflict, transcending duality, and choices. Jason could not apparently. Probably he could not deal with the conflict, and maybe that’s wise. If you are not intelligent enough (yet), don’t waste your time and energy because your genes will win. In short, Ragnarok joined the party with some sniffles and achoo’s and we let it flee the battle field.


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