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Protector Paladins Cooking Dinner

XXX 12 March at 16:02

I was so thankful for your information about Bots and Auto attacks.. it was only a few hours later I realized I am being targetted by one of those BOTS my self…
I dont care who uses those programs its not for me to Judge anyone…
I am on the recieving end of those attacks I am really wanting more Information on how I can defend my self against someone like that who wont allow me to join their army .. and is attacking me “BECAUSE SHE CAN” … 30+ times going on 4th Day . then I get this inbox from her …

YYY March 11 at 6:38am Report

You were on the regular battle game page generated by the game. When you tried to retaliate you appeared on the top of my newsfeed. I work down my newsfeed from top to bottom chaining any targets on it that are still alive.
I attack to the end of the chain. If this is 30 times then so be it. Kill stats are valid in the game and are counted by Castle Age so they are a fair target to aim for.
If you never retaliate then chances are you will drop off my newsfeed within 24 hours and we will have nothing more to do with each other.
I have over 1000 in my army and am not accepting any more friend requests.
Like I say our paths will probably never cross again. I level up slow ( been playing a year ) so you will probably rise out of my battle page bracket level too.

XXX 12 March at 16:02

after I got this inbox I was yet again targetted by them, and it didnt stop because this morning I was yet again attacked more than 30 times by this same person …

Please if you have any information on how I can defend my self against the likes of someone cheating Please clue me in …

Dear “XXX”,

Apologies for my extremely late response, but I get many requests like yours and am very busy trying to help all that ask for it. The Protector Paladins use around 90% of their time teaching, 9% threat, and only 1% action.

90% teaching

Initially I responded to each and every request individually, and rapidly became overwhelmed. That’s why I now write the articles here, based on most frequently asked questions by people. The teaching category of articles has its own RSS feed.

In my articles I try to make what may seem complex into something simple. I regularly link in more “in depth” resources in my articles for those that want to get into the nitty gritty details for impeccable play.

More articles are underway. The next article on my list is on the current best armor set for dueling and how/where to get its parts.

9% threat

Note that in general, 10 times chaining one and the same person is acceptable in one day, and when that happens you’ll just have to adjust your stats, buy weapons, and gain the right loot. PvP players need their battle points in their type of play.

The Protectors do not wish to deprive you of experiences that can make you an excellent warrior.

BUT, are you attacked 10+ multiple days in a row by one and the same player, and are you a SWARM member or member of one of its allies that does not have such a protector group themselves (yet)?

Have you tagged your name with your group yet to benefit from us sending a message this will not be tolerated by my group, the Protector Paladins of the SWARM?

If so, then …

  • send me the links to both your attackers and your castle age page, and
  • send me a copy of the list of the attacks taken from your newsfeed in your castle age “Home” page, accompanied by screenshots, and
  • IF our further investigation does not disprove the case to be genuine then we move into action. For further investigation we also look at keep pages and other information gathered. Of both attacker AND victim, and if need be of “friends”. An example of some of the information used in a case can be found in Castle Age Protection Spells.

1% action

XXX, from your message, it seems your attacker doesn’t care about level, or about a warrior’s honor. She gains at the expense of other type play peeps game play joy. But she probably does care a lot about her battle points and battle rank. šŸ™‚

If all above requirements are met, we can and will move into action for you by sending your attacker a message that attacking [group tag in your player name] members 10+ times multiple days in a row will not be tolerated by the Protectors. She will either have to adjust her tactics, or stand response able in a mirror dance with the Protector Paladins. We are happy to serve the SWARM and its allies, and return favors on behalf.

If she keeps attacking you after our message, the Protectors will move into battle action. Let’s hope so. Mjam. That means we get a proteine (battle point) rich dinner! “BECAUSE WE CAN TOO

Note: Cheating the Protector Paladins

The chances of being able to effectively cheat us are low, as we do investigate each case further before we act. But, we can make mistakes of course. We are only human. We stand response able if and when that happens.

And if we discover we are being used to bully someone else by fake reports, guess who is next on our list? We also like snacks in between.


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