WahKahn in (MMO)RPG worlds

Roleplaying! As if the world weren't full of enough history without inventing more …

Castle Age Arena

Prepare yourselves Castle Age Warriors, Soldiers and Knights,
for Arena is coming soon!

Sharpen your attack, toughen your defense, and gather your arms!

What is it?

Is it …

  • A place for friendly jousting?
  • A “buffing” or “nerfing” element?
  • A detraction from the main PvP area of the game?
  • An advanced version of Deathrune raids?
  • A place for throwing our apprentices to some blood thirsty lions that haven’t been fed for at least a week?
  • A place for the most battle-hardened and cold-blooded fighters to compete against each other in gladiatorial battles for honor, glory, and power, pretty much like the Arena in WOW?
  • A place where monsters dance to some excellent music to entertain us?
  • The stuff of legends?

An arena for excited speculation now,
and even more excitement once it arrives ! 🙂

My vote is for an interesting game with dynamic action and interesting story mode with for example video cut scenes, where first I care about completing an exciting story mode or rushing with my “friends” till the end of the boss stages to defeat a main boss, dodging his or her flame breath. Then to NOT have boring level grinding. My vote is for more balanced game goals. Like with an Arena!


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