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Castle Age Warriors, Soldiers and Knights


There’s more to it than just keeping your army, weapons, items, stats, and bot settings in shape. Through all the slaying, raiding, returning favors, the hard work, and the pain of losing, we can’t forget that the mind is something that is trained as well.

The most important weapon you will ever have in battle whether in a game or in a real street fight is a strong mind. A strong mind determines how well you can act under pressure, in certain situations, and conditions. What intelligent responses you find when circumstances change, or when you discover the map is not the terf. A strong mind …

… takes discipline

Between level 80 and level 300 fighters go through long and enduring 300+ rounds of battles against another player, hour after hour after hour day after day after day … Many would not last 4 days of a daily attack of another player with 10 attacks. Not without shouting “help, help!”

It is conditioning. And of course it is repetition, but you need a strong mind to go through that kind of training in focus and determination.

Soldiers and warriors

Soldiers are trained and taught. Trained to be mentally strong in war-like conditions. Trained to adhere to hierarchies so that the unit may work. Warriors train and teach themselves. That doesn’t mean they don’t learn from others. By learning what works for others, and by seeing what others themselves have a blind spot for and then fooling around, we gain understanding for what works and what doesn’t, and we receive reflections of our own blind spot.

No warrior ever expects to know absolutely what is right and wrong. We can only do what we know must be done, and then stand response able for our actions. We each do what we want to do, but we try to do what brings the greatest mutual benefit and welfare for the communities we have associated ourselves with.

Protector Paladins of the SWARM

This article was inspired by a conversation with my fellowe paladins. Clearly we are a group of warriors, not soldiers. We are not a uniform(ed) unit. We agree to disagree, but we agree on something important. Our minds should be like the wind, clear and open. Warriors learn to control their emotions. We can’t let our emotions run wild and free to cloud our judgment.

SWARM! Shadows! Allies! Bring us your serial killer cases. We will take a sip, test, and integrate what works for us individually, and as a team.

  1. To stay true to our purpose for the SWARM, we work on cases brought to us, either on the SWARM or SWARM admin Paladin threads, or by message (for those of us who have volunteered to play a visible-as-paladin role). And we put all the proof we have received in a discussion topic to start with (so we have one discussion topic per case). If need be we ask for more proof. If the proof is sufficient … What’s the challenge? What are his/her stats?
  2. We discuss possible responses.
  3. We choose a response. In some cases sending a message may be the proper response. We already have some messages from previous cases as examples of messages that worked (at least in that case). In some cases we attack. Serial killers are attacked. That’s Battle Meat in a mirror dance.
  4. We act.
  5. We look at results and what we can learn from a case? Maybe we have a repeatable procedure we as individual, or all agree on that makes our role as protector easier?

Then we do it again. Take on another case, test our responses and effects, and integrate again.

Love & Respect!


7 responses to “Castle Age Warriors, Soldiers and Knights

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  2. Renji Abarai 11/03/2010 at 03:00

    Well said and define, happy to serve and SWARM!

  3. Nynke Etk Fokma 11/03/2010 at 10:07

    Thank you Renji. It is good to work together with other warriors. Glad we are on the same side and team.

  4. Joe Hughes 11/03/2010 at 11:54

    Very nicely put! I agree and stand by every word of this. I am Proud to be a Protector Paladin, along side the other warriors of this group.We protect people from others who might otherwise be the ones to make people stop enjoying the game. I do not like bully’s, and that’s what we do is show people it is not OK to do some things just “because they can”!

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  6. Mughees Ilyas 11/12/2010 at 11:48

    Agree !!

    Will always be there on time of need !! ^_^

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