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Castle Age auto player ~ Removing battle targets

Okay, so now I have discovered that when I remove a UserID, and restart the bot, it still attacks the removed target. Testing, testing! Apparently, chain targets make some deep connections in a bot (or botted mind’s eye). It takes fiddling with the configuration of your (Firefox) browser to undo. Go to your browser configuration …

Images nlarge when clicked.

Where you normally type your urls like monster links, type about:config, like so:

You now get a screen like this:

Promise to be very very careful, meaning tread and hold lightly now!

You can adjust the width of the columns so you can see what you are doing:

Then search for the strings

greasemonkey.scriptvals.caap/Castle Age Autoplayer.castle_age__BattleChainId;


greasemonkey.scriptvals.caap/Castle Age Autoplayer.castle_age__BattleTargets;

If you cannot find the latter, then your targets have effectively been removed. Likely the first is there and contains the targets that met the by you set criteria for chaining ~ Chain:Battle Points Won #number.

Left-click, then right-click to select a configuration line and have the menu of actions possible appear. Choose Reset for only the above string(s) that are alive in your browser configuration.

Reload your castle age page. That’s it. Now you can enter new targets, and all old targets should be gone.

Unless …

Unless you decide to target them again, for example because they did not have an impeccable attitude and they are attacking you, seemingly with vengeance in mind. 😉

Perhaps they had an attachment to their stats and/or rank (Rank stays, but ranking up to the next desired rank now seems a long way off because their gained battle points went down)?

Maybe they could not take in the mirror dance provided? Uncapable of learning?

Or maybe the hidden bot loop on chained targets made them think they still were a major target? In which case they do have a point … apparently.

In Real Life

Whatever we hold in our mind will tend to occur in our lives. Thought projections are pretense and projected perceptions. The phenomenon arises from taking a thought, charging it emotionally, and then projecting it into the experience.

If we continue to perceive as we have always perceived, believe as we have always believed, we will continue to act as we have always acted. If we continue to act as we have always acted, we will continue to get what we have always gotten. If we want different results in our game, life or our work, all we have to do is change our mind. And in some cases, dig a bit deeper for hidden belief systems. Hidden for ourselves, and probably obvious and/or staring others in the face.


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