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Castle Age Generals ~ The Simple Guide

Heroes help you with battles, quests, and more … Loading the correct general in Castle Age can make just that little bit difference. Your generals on level 4 and adding it all up, it can make a big difference. This is a simple minimax overview.

Heroes and generals are not army members or units. All heroes need to be “recruited”. All generals needed to gain influence on quests can be bought at the Heroes market (tab). All heroes recruited from the market cost gold to recruit, and may or may not require upkeep. Unlocking new areas by queesting, or combining gifts or gained loot from monster battles in alchemy, more heroes can be recruited.

All images link to wikidot Castle Age wiki pages, where you can gather more information.


CelestaDanteLogging out? Have Celesta, or Dante guard your keep.

A level 4 Celesta gives you +15 Defense when attacked, and a level 4 Dante gives you +20 Player Defense.

Monster battles

ZarevokUse Zarevok. When Zarevok is on level 4, he gives you a Bonus 20 Monster Attack. But, when fortifying or dispeling magic in a monster battle, Dante gives much better results.


CidMercedesIf you happen to be online when the clock is close to 0:00 for gaining new income, just grab that little bit of extra gold by loading Cid (+4% income from your properties) or Mercedes (+5% income from your properties).


AerisWhen stashing your gold in the Treasury in your keep, use Aeris. Aeris at level 4 gets you the entire bank fee waived. She’s probably a favorite “niece” of the treasurer. Don’t look that gifted horse in the mouth!


PenelopeGarlanGoing into Town to equip your army, bring Penelope or Garlan along. Penelope does well at haggling (up to 4% discounts), but Garlan even better (up to 6%). Does not work for buying land.



VanquishIf you use Dante when Idle, change general to Vanguish for +20 Player Attack when you go into battle.

Siege Raids now and then turn the tables and the warrior you attack, attacks you first and you have to defend. Consider loading Celesta. She still gives you Defense without subtracting from your attack stats, while Vanguish has given you -25 Player Defense for that +20 Player Attack.

It all depends on your stats and what other generals you have recruited at the Oracle, or created by alchemy from gained loot and gifts.


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