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Castle Age Favor Farts

Epic world battles, Siege Raids and Skaar Deathrune battle require the launching of Siege Weapons to succeed. That’s what peeps Call To Arms for, using a green button in the battle screen. Getting people to help you in these battles is 75% of the work. Only 25% is slaying (attacking and/or defending). And that is not the whole story …

People can actually respond to that. They may even join in and battle with you. And some people are already involved elsewhere, yet will assist launching your Siege Weapon using one stamina, and leaving a comment on the post that appeared on your wall:

Or they leave a lovely message like Vicki just did in the chatlog of the battle:

“143rd~~for Nynke :)”

And some will leave a message like:

“147th prtf http://apps.facebook.com/castle_age/battle_monster.php?user=1596223401&mpool=3&action=doObjective

Great! We’re getting somewhere.


PRTF means Please Return The Favor. Do so. As responsible summoner you are expected to deal with the favors to be returned left in the chatlog. Lucky for you, lots of people CTA as above, where I promise people in my own army that respond to my CTA to return favor if they comment on the post on my wall.

I do that to lighten the load on responsible summoners. And if you are not a responsible summoner I do that because apparently  you do not believe yourself responsible for that, and I don’t want the effects of that for myself, or the people that respond to my CTA. Having summoned a monster, peeps come to help, asking for the favor to be returned and nothing happens? Safely sitting on your throne of ignorance? Good. Please yourself. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Impeccable siege weapon launching tactics

  • Return all favors to your best ability.
  • Regularly visit the profiles of active army members and give ’em a click ~ ask for the favor to be returned if and when you are involved in a battle, and leave an assist link for that, NOT an attack link. Use that “friend feed” in the header of castle age.
  • Go to the slayer groups you are a member of and leave an assist link to your battle IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE ~ look first, don’t just create a topic in that forum stating “help, help!” Each group has its own way of working.
  • Go through the existing other assist links in a group, give ’em a click, and ask for favor to be returned.
  • Regularly, dance with waves also, and go through the critical lists of your groups without asking for favors to be returned to you. Peeps in criticals are too busy freaking. Just help ’em out. You get between 1 -3 experience points per click and the pleasure of having helped out someone anyway and someday they may gain experience points and pleasing themselves by helping you when a battle you are in goes urgent or even critical. You’ll be grateful for the wave dancers then!
  • Keep track of your effectivity per individual army member, and per group. Some groups have attracted favor farts, some groups attract energy dancers that are more likely to return favor.
  • Before you join a battle, check with the summoner that he (or she) does return favors.

More suggestions? Tactics that work? Let me know …


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