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Castle Age Strategy

One of the MMORPG games that appeared on facebook is Castle Age. It is not played as much as Mafia Wars (yet). Still, it has 3,075,776 monthly active users, and is well underway towards Mafia Wars’ 25,287,875 monthly active users. As with Mafia Wars, the game isn’t that simple, and it’s simple at the same time …

Playing in the lowest 30 levels, you can get the hang of the basic skills before you are thrown to the wolves. Per level up, you get 5 points to distribute between energy, attack, defense, stamina and health. At these levels you level up rapidly, even a couple of times per day. Invest in stamina and energy. Balance that out with the attack and defense based on the results of attacks by you, and by others on you. You always lose a few. A few is enough.

Between levels 30 and 60 likely you will want to fill your army beyond 501 and you develop an appetite for a specialisation. You can predominantly become a slayer, a warrior, or an explorer, or all three. If you choose a specialisation, in these levels you adjust your stats to be effective in your chosen role.


There are two types of attack. Invading with your entire army, or duelling, pitting your best general against your opponents loaded general. Whether you are invading or dueling, your attack stat is naturally important if you are predominantly a warrior, as you will often be the attacker. In addition, stamina is important if you want to start a lot of fights. The defense stat is crucial if you want to win fights that other players start. You are bound to receive some individual retaliation as well.


If you choose the heroic role of slayer, you will need a loooot of stamina. A normal attack costs one stamina, but hardly anyone uses it. Power attacks cost 5 stamina per attack. Also, the size of your social network on facebook and the actual size of your army become more critical earlier in the game, because you have to send out a CTA (Call to Arms), or two, or a hundred, to your army asking them for a “click” at a cost of 1 stamina. Slaying takes, besides attacking, and defending against some monsters, launching siege weapons. Five of those weapons per monster, with an increasing amount of clicks required to launch it. O, and the peeps in your army are only allowed to click once per siege weapon to be launched. The fifth and last siege weapon requires 300 such clicks.


This role gains influence in lands explored. Up your energy loads, and don’t forget that there’s a lot of warriors out there. And slayers like a snack too. So don’t forget about your attack and defense. I haven’t met any players that have made that their main “role”. Maybe because it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because of the way I play.

At level 80 you are thrown to the wolves and you frantically correct your stats while all players between 80 and 300 attack you. Hopefully for you, you have a 501+ army. I smelled the roses, I had 501+, and came through the transition reasonably unscathed. By the time you get to level 300 all of the strategies will have become woven because there was no land left to explore, all favor points gained by (monster and boss fight) achievements have been collected, and you are under attack.

If you have made the mistake of caring about your status and gaining battle points and rank, you have become a proteine-rich snack. All players in the levels above 300 are in one group and can attack each other. That includes players that have for example 800 times 5 points more in their stats. One shark pool of players hungry for fresh meat. Having a high battle rank means others can gain more battle points from you. On the other hand, ranking up above 300 becomes hard because you will have a lot of competition.

Enjoy the play, and more articles are underway.


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