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Extreme Paranoia Player Preparations

Cover of 1st edition

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I will be serving up several scenario’s of Paranoia soon. In design is currently Extreme Paranoia Cash Control.

In preparation, you can:

  1. Play any crazy game
  2. Convince others to play whatever game crazy
  3. Put together a controlled folly character in a real game
  4. Do something fun and unexpected (play wildcard) in a game
  5. Play with someone crazy or a stranger in a strange spot
  6. Pick 5 trends that are unlikely to vary significantly in any real life War-Work-Machine scenarios.
  7. Let yourself out of the box ~ play a character in real life in the War-Work-Machine (Alpha Complex). The functions essential to the Machine can be characterized as follows:
    • Information: planning, design, guidance, management, science, communication, politics, production of ideas, ideologies, religions, art, etc.: the collective brain and nerve-system of the Machine ~ Try some desertions (scientists, officials), refusal of selection (teachers), mismanagement, treason, ideological deviation, false information (to superiors), and what you can think of.
    • Production: industrial and agricultural production of goods, execution of plans, fragmented work, circulation of energy ~ Try some opting-out and sick-leaves, etc.
    • Reproduction: production and maintenance of workers for all three functions, making children, education, housework, services, entertainment, sex, recreation, medical care, etc. ~ Try some looting, squatting, divorce, riots, …

Enjoy vids of existing sessions



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