WahKahn in (MMO)RPG worlds

Roleplaying! As if the world weren't full of enough history without inventing more …

Extreme Paranoia Game history

Cover of Fifth Edition

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Imagine a world designed by Kafka, Stalin, Orwell, Huxley, Sartre and the Marx Brothers …

We’re talking about a virtual reality of course. A Role Playing Game.

The game is set in Alpha Complex, an immense and futuristic domed or underground city controlled by The Computer. The Computer runs everything within Alpha Complex. The Computer sees everything within Alpha Complex ~ at least, that’s what It would like you to believe. Everybody within Alpha Complex works for The Computer, serves The Computer, protects The Computer and if need be, dies for The Computer. The Computer has made happiness mandatory.

Failure to be happy is punishable by execution.

The year 194 of the Computer saw the first edition of the game. Such a Utopia as described above was, of course, warmly embraced and Citizens all over the world were very, very, very happy.

blackmissionsIn early versions of the game the Outdoors was associated with The Great Mystery, as almost no one in Alpha Complex had seen anything remotely related to “Green” and “Nature”. This led to the formation of a club devoted to “outside”. Some wanted to escape forever, while others wanted to bring the wonders of Nature “inside”. After countless Communist infiltrations and Free Enterprise takeovers, it became popular to go Outdoors to try different things.

Its original developers, Greg Costikyan and Eric Goldberg, went out the doors of West End Games and after some time regained the rights to their creation. Mongoose Publishing backed development of new editions, and PARANOIA XP welcomed its Citizens safely inside again. The year 214 has been iterated many times since. Find some Live Games and helpful resources here (and basically all over the web). In 2005, Microsoft requested that the XP be removed. I will be serving up several scenario’s of Paranoia soon


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