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Spies, damn spies, and leadership

On world 9 on the Dutch servers my entire tribe went through the christmas-and-new-years-attack-stop period – in that period you cannot attack any villages. If you do your troops come home absolutely shit-faced, with mistletoe branches in their hair and a biiiig smile on their faces, because they merely went for a visit, and it’s party time! – knowing we would attack one of our allies 10 days after the break. We were all building troops like crazy, and developing a sound attack plan.

In that case our allies had given us enough reason, harboring a fugitive we were attacking. Of course, any reason would have been enough, because the goal of the Tribal Wars game is to dominate the entire world we’re playing in. All tribes discuss matters and investigate “What if … we would noble our allies?” at some point in time.

It is an unwritten rule however, that all tribes pretend not to even harbor such thoughts. That’s why often, such things are not discussed with the entire tribe, but only in leadership council. And if discussed tribe-wide, then leadership refrains from participating. Because there are spies. There’s always one. Or two. Or more. Noblesse Oblige.

Recently I accepted baron – leading is serving, and I was already pondering and working on how to fit that in time and energy wise, because the dukes, councelors, and other barons in that Senior Council seemed all interesting people to me. A strange mix. Curiosity. That tipped the scale. I would find the time and energy. Or would create it by slowing down workwise a bit.

Little did I know how strange the mix really was. We had a spy. In leadership. Very destructive.

Our ally was informed of some “what iffing of tribe leadership”. A piece of it was taken out of context, and copied to our ally. And taken very serious by our ally. The alliance was reduced to a NAP. Our ally could have taken it differently, had they truly been our ally. And told us who it was instead.

And our leaders are leaving, because their reps are hurt. They will no longer be trusted by other tribes. For diplomacy, this is a killer. Or rather, this can and will likely be used by other tribes as an excuse to attack our tribe. Well, that’s the game. Our leadership is taking responsibility for the survival of the tribe, by leaving. Or we could all ignore diplomacy (no ally is ever real in a world where the name of the game is “conquer the whole world” anyway), our leaders stay and we all fight!!! Conquer the whole world, without diplomacy. Straight Up. Of course that path could be tribal suicide.

From Farting, A classic Pitfall: That would not be a smart, but a fart move. Main focus, above all else, must be survival adaptability. The greatest weakness of offensively playing tribes is also our greatest strength in that we will sacrifice all for the survival of our fleet. As an off tribe we have many players that take initiative, take immediate action, and in doing so, take control and lead.

I know spies have a purpose, just like everything else does, and I don’t judge it, it just doesn’t make me tick. I am leaving as well. Would I stay, it would be mostly for the tribe, not enough for me, and that is not congruent with myself.

Also, I’ve played TW now in various worlds, tried lots of roles, and now I find my own leader thinking, “How about playing Guild Wars”? I think I will. That MMPORG game has evolved beyond belief. Excitingly so! Incredible graphics, fun and fantasy rich figures, guilds, exchanges, adventure, battle …

I look forward to playing Guild Wars. I don’t have to manage vills and have to be on-line regularly when playing that game. The game remembers my context and I can pick it up anytime when I really feel like it, and still be playing in a guild and go on an adventure with some guild members. Lots more variety too. And much easier to fit in with RL.

Anybody happen to know of a kewl guild for me?

  • I hope aharlekyn and balkanwarrior will now and then still drop me a note here. Loooads of fun!
  • And lukasI, who was still in HUH? The Cap’n leaves the sinking ship last. Again, impeccable leadership style.
  • And sayak and ungart, too bad I don’t get to experience more of your leadership. I was looking forward to it.
  • And my tribe neighbours in the East: hot choko, kacu, sifu, red cliff, bishoploz, uncle.sam, nalfein … definitely great team players. Thank you guys, I enjoyed attacking with you! Maybe we meet in some other MMPORG worlds.
  • Brett, thank you for the personal note in the game, and for sitting my account while I was in surgery. Much appreciated.
  • And I do hope to wrap up in a way that benefits my neighbours.
  • And I have a wish that we find that very interesting player: the spy, that petty tyrant, and rim that player!

One response to “Spies, damn spies, and leadership

  1. Aharlekyn 22/04/2009 at 15:47

    The loss of a truly talented player 2 such pettiness… something I thought our leaders were above…I am honoured 2 have known u even though our time was brief.. may we meet again in better times, happier days when darkness does not blacken our doors and our hearts are not worn from treachery

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