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Farting, A Classic Pitfall

Any tribe consists of individual players that each have there own skewing, either towards playing more offensively or more defensively. All are required to make it work. And a tribe as a whole may be more skewed towards offensive play.

In which case, an early war might be the result, especially if there is another offensively playing tribe. And usually there are several.

When a tribe plays more offensively, likely rankings are considered more important too. And when more defensively playing players have helped offensively oriented players defend their village, they lost troops but gained no ranking. The ranking increase went to the player whose village was attacked, not to the player that lost his defense troops and farming time.

For players that find ranking important, it is important they can boast with their achievements. We wouldn’t want to stop that. I love those braggers, and the atmosphere and energy it brings. But never ever should leadership add something to a publicized OD list like:

I’d like to congratulate all the players in our tribe that are in the top 500 for total OD. You are the reason we have one of the best OD scores, in all categories.

That would not be a smart, but a fart move. Main focus, above all else, must be survival adaptability. The greatest weakness of offensively playing tribes is also our greatest strength in that we will sacrifice all for the survival of our fleet. As an off tribe we have many players that take initiative, take immediate action, and in doing so, take control and lead.

We tend to rebel against others’ rules and laws and dig in our heels rather than change our point of view. We can be very self-destructive as a result. No tribe (or player for that matter) that creates their world at the expense of others, will last long.

By all means, post rankings. And fart. But be warned for adding your point of view as if it is a correct interpretation of the data given, especially if you are a leader.


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