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Building clusters

Realizing that clustering is a key to success, how exactly do I build offensive and defensive villages?

I can only share some general reasoning, because this is highly dependent on personal preferences, world drivers and boundary conditions, and state of tribe and enemy.

Feel free to shop in these ways, or be inspired by it to build yours totally different. 🙂

Defensive village

Suppose we have one attack village and three defense villages in a cluster. We can strive to have 15.000 troops in each village of our cluster as defense. That means that each of the defensive villages would need to have 20.000 defensive troops:
minimal 4000 advice 5000 minimal 4000 advice 5000
minimal 5000 advice 7000 minimal 5000 advice 7000
minimal 2500 advice 4000 minimal 2500 advice 4000
minimal 250 advice 750 minimal 250 advice 750

Adding this up, we can have 20.500 troops per defensive village.

Offensive village

Suppose we clear and noble from one and the same village (this is highly recommended) and that the village itself was built with balance in mind. Then there is around 20.500 farm space for troops.

Reserve 400 or 500 of that for nobles. Never ever send nobles out alone. They die if the wind blows like a breeze. Reserve another 500 for escort, either axes or light cavalry. This leaves 19.500 farm space for attack force.

What best to put in our force is dependent on what our enemy uses for defense … gather all existing (scouting and attack) reports of our enemy, and decide …
axe Axes are very effective against spears.
light-cavalry Light cavalry is effective against swords and heavy cavalry.
heavy-cavalry1 Heavy cavalry is effective against a lot, except spears. They are extremely expensive, so use in defense rather than in offense.
mounted-archer Mounted archers are effective against archers, but not as effective as light cavalry on other troops.
ram Never forget to have rams. They are the best way to keep our losses low by tearing down our enemies’ walls. To do that we need 300-350 rams. It can literally save thousands …
catapult Catapults are less effective against walls, but we can tear down buildings with ’em, like a Rally Point (to stop their troops from coming home, or leaving home, for that matter), an Academy (to slow their nobling efforts), someone’s HQ (to slow down their building efforts), Barracks (slow down troop training). We can get really creative at destruction!

A basic attack village could look something like this:
axe minimal 5000 advice 5850
light-cavalry minimal 2000 advice 2100
mounted-archer minimal 700 advice 700
ram minimal 300 advice 350

If we have no nobles in this village, then increase axes and lc.

Use other types of offense armies only when you know what you are doing and you have a clear picture of the enemy. Otherwise, stick with basics.


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