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I am under attack!

Suppose someone attacks you with one or two clears and a noble train (4 attacks closely timed together after the clears), and you wish to lose as little troops as possible. Use backtiming.

How backtiming works?

You send your troops away, temporarily. You can send ’em to attack or support a barbarian for example. And from another village you time support (def) troops to arrive between the clear(s) and what are likely the escorted nobles. The nobles of the opponent get killed, you keep your village and it doesn’t cost much in terms of troop losses.

Or you can dodge. Dodging is like backtiming.

How dodging works?

Suppose the 2 clear attacks land at 12:33:44, and after that the first noble arrives at 12:33:48. Then you send you troops away like 10 seconds before 12:33:47 or 12:33:46. Let them walk for 5 seconds, then cancel, to have your troops back in your vill at 12:33:47.

With unexperienced enemies dodging will not be hard. With worthy opponents backtiming is the better choice because it is more reliable. With only one village, dodging is of course the only option. Also when there is not enough time left to have def troops arrive in time from a second village, or when you do not have enough troops to make a stand, knowing how to dodge definitely pays off.

And … what about dodging by sending your off troops to attack his vill?


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