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Clustering, a key to success

Except for early in the game, smaller than full clears don’t make a dent in a package of soft butter. When building an attack village, make it only that. Arrange for defense by building clusters: For each attack vill you need 3 defense villages. With two attack villages you need 5 defense and 1 scouting/defense village.

2 attack with 5 defense and 1 scout vill

2 attack with 5 defense and 1 scout vill

For example, the two highlighted middle villages here are attack villages, and the one behind the two attack villages on the right, is a scouting village. When you have attacks coming in, it is more likely that you are there first with support.

When building on the edge of a continent, or at a border with another tribe, place the attack villages straight in the frontline facing the enemy, with a second line of defense right behind it, and make some of those def vills heavy cavalery only, or hc/scouting villages. Heavy cavalery may not have a defense worth the space and resources they take up, but they are FAST!


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