WahKahn in (MMO)RPG worlds

Roleplaying! As if the world weren't full of enough history without inventing more …

Fishermen and Pirates

Our tribe uses a Pirate Theme. A pirate mate was reading in the w33 public forums about propaganda and found it really fascinating:

And just like on this blog where I only write stuff that doesn’t give away anything that might influence my tribe’s success negatively, the Cap’n said, “Tho please while me welcomes yer participatation in public forum discussions be careful that some things ye say might be taken as tribal feelin so ne’er e’er say somin that might benefit enemies!”

Today I got bored waiting for an attack to hit, and so I put the below propaganda on my personal profile.

Let’s say you are a poor fisherman, just scrapping out a living in a lawless land. Since there is no central government to speak of, multinational pirates just pillaged and plundered your ships and fishing grounds.

When you protested, you were met with laughter and gunfire. What to do? Two options come to mind.
1) Give up, and start all over
2) Take it out on your neighbour fisherman.

Goes to show you how the “good” people of this world can create (more) pirates.



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