WahKahn in (MMO)RPG worlds

Roleplaying! As if the world weren't full of enough history without inventing more …

Nuts nobility

Building a village requires a balanced build-up and a quick start. Some people go straight for the academy, and then don’t have the troops to back it up.

One of my neighbours made that mistake 2 weeks ago. That could still have passed (for a while). He seemed an experienced player and we were interested in recruiting him for our tribe. Then on top of that he made another mistake of scouting my village. An act of war. Clearly expressing intent to conquer me.

While his scouts were underway I sent a part of mine. His never got any information as my village held enough def troops and more scouts than the scouts he had sent. My scouts however were more successful and revealed him not having enough troops, but already having an academy.

What unfolded was a familiar story. My village may hold some defence, but really, it is a siege clear village. Mostly attack troops. Whistling I broke down his defense (wall and troops) and kicked him in his noble parts (academy), after which he defended himself in a personal message saying, “But I always scout villages in this phase of the game”.

Take the following metaphor. You meet a person (she has to be a lady for your intent is to find out if she can be conquered) and without any conversation with her you feel her up. Then, when she slaps you in return, and kicks you in the nuts, you still don’t get it. Instead of saying “sorry” you say, “But I always do that this time of night to people who might be a female”.

Um. That does not work. And if you expect it to work, you’re nuts!

Somewhat sarcastically I asked, “Now what attracted you to me to check if I am conquerable? That I have been in the lead in this area in terms of growth, my excellent attack statistics (his are next to zilch), or the name of my tribe: Aggression?”

Next I leveled down his potential (farm, barracks). Now he wants a conversation, and he tells me he has been exchanging with another leader of my tribe (not me) and was considering joining us, and forwards me that exchange when I tell him I don’t believe him. The exchange is more than a week old too.

To stick with the metaphor of a bar late at night: So now not only does he say, “I always do that to people who might be a female”, he also claims he is talking to a partner of mine, as if that gives him an excuse to feel me up. I am perplexed.

What an approach to joining a tribe. He is not. He is simply lying and trying to distract me.

Then I decided to stop my attacks on him anyway. Number one, support troops from his tribe might about now arrive. His tribe members live far away (that’s another mistake, you want to be in a tribe that’s near but not crowding you so you don’t have space to grow your territory). Number two, he is leveled down enough to not outgrow me anytime soon and I prefer him to do a lot of work. I’ll conquer his village, and the excellent work he is doing later. And third, he may believe he actually convinced me and go back to sleep (code white) again. I doubt it. It doesn’t matter. Conquering him will be excellent for my statistics too.

So, building a def village as first village, you need around 3000 spear and 3000 sword before you even scout someone to check if they are in code white, a sitting duck. Only when you are online a lot, consider building an attack village as your first village. And if you do, make sure you build some cats early for they have excellent defence capabilities also, and learn to dodge. Oh, and Attack!


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