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Prediction errors can be painful

Okay, so that was a very painful blooper this morning: Somewhat sleepy still, I sent out many small troups to farm barbarians and bonus villages. The map did its sliding thing and I accidentally (too quick) clicked to attack a village belonging to a member of my tribe. Never noticed anything odd in the following screens either.

After 30 mins I looked at my troups screen again. Oh Frack!!! That is not what it is supposed to say! What, what, what? I tried looking away. It was still there … the wrong text!!!

And I couldn’t break off the attack anymore. Too late. I stared at the screen and realized my brain was producing pain messages. This was irriversible damage done to us both. I very much doubted he was on-line. Looked at my friends list. Indeed, he wasn’t on-line. I sent him a personal message anyway. Perhaps he was there and could dodge … Nope, no such luck.

Klucharev and col­leagues scanned brain ac­ti­vity in peo­ple whose in­i­tial judg­ments of the attrac­tiveness of faces were open to in­flu­ence by group opin­ion. They ex­am­ined two brain ar­eas called the the ros­tral cin­gu­late zone and the nu­cle­us ac­cum­bens. The first is thought to play a role in mon­i­tor­ing be­hav­ior­al out­co­mes, the sec­ond in the an­ti­cipa­t­ion and pro­cess­ing of re­wards and in so­cial learn­ing.

The study au­thors found that a con­flict with the group opin­ion led sub­jects to change their own rat­ing of a face. The con­flict al­so elicited a re­sponse in the brain si­m­i­lar to one found in pre­vi­ous stud­ies, and known as “pre­dic­tion er­ror” sig­nal. It comes from a dif­fer­ence be­tween ex­pected and ob­tained out­co­mes and is thought to point an or­gan­ism to a need for a be­hav­ior­al change. — From Enforcer of conformity: our own brains

I am learning, I am learning … not to attack my tribe’s fellowe (or female) warriors, not even by accident. As in, I’ll double check from now on like a hawk!

I apologized, he forgave me, and I am sending him resources. He lost about 1 third of his troops. I could tell by my tripwire. And I lost that entire farm troup. It still hurts a bit.


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